Success Story: Parent-Child Power Struggle

The Challenge: 

Frequently, parents and caregivers of children experience recurring stress when they fall into the “control trap”.  This is where adults feel responsible for “making” their children perform an action such as cleaning their room, doing their homework, etc.

The Solution: 

In this case, we apply mental gymnastics by looking at the scenario from a completely different perspective. Clients learn to drop the rope and not to engage in a game of tug-of-war. This involves many small shifts in thinking that add up to create a more peaceful experience. This includes acknowledging that there is a struggle, accepting that you have an issue, identifying a high value reward, and incorporating specific yet easy communication with the child, to encourage a more positive outcome.

The Outcome: 

Adults feel relief when they learn to support their children without force, increasing confidence in their ability to manage their family peacefully. Additionally, children become empowered upon electing and experiencing their own choices, connected to specific results.