Welcome to Special Needs Solution

At Special Needs Solution, led by owner and principal practitioner Sloan Bruan Lorenzini, we empower clients to live victorious lives. Inspiration drives us to provide you with immediate, impactful and practical tools to achieve results, and a learned ability to navigate society with greater confidence. 

Attaining these results is achieved by identifying your talents, and building your resilience. Increasing client ability to overcome adversity is our passion.

Hand in hand, we create a personalized support system for clients to triumph. Together, we enrich your daily life so you can become present, joyful and effective.

Our team serves an array of clients. Communities of particular focus include those who:

Our mission:

Transforming lives through resilience-focused behavioral health solutions.

Mental Gymnastics

Utilizing lived experience with mental health education, we utilize a technique called “mental gymnastics”. It is an opportunity to create optimal outcomes from challenging situations. By viewing challenges through unique perspectives, my team and I are able  to discover creative solutions to craft your life improvement plan. This is our specialty. We want to help you master significant challenges with power and grace.


As featured in Psychology Today!

As a strengths-based, solutions-focused therapist, Sloan Bruan Lorenzini is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the differently abled and their families. As a life coach in excess of 25 years, Sloan delivers years of experience and education that can yield a path to success. If your goal is to transcend from survive to thrive, we can be an effective team. View our ad in Psychology Today to learn more!