Success Story: Guitars Over Guns Resilience Building

Serving the “Guitars Over Guns” family brings forth light and love! The program epitomizes how relationships through the arts can nurture people. The power of the initiative speaks volumes when students elect to continue their journey as alumni to guide the younger members. However, it is the daily “stepping stone” accomplishments that radiate my heart and highlight the profoundly positive impact of the experience.

Empowerment becomes crystal clear when once-shy students look you in the eye, and/or smile just because mentors exude genuine interest. Hearing a student ask, “Can I show you what I did?” or confidently say, “Check this out” is the result I am grateful to witness. This represents a new level of connection and the students’ development of trust and willingness to welcome a newcomer into their world. This miracle is observed daily in small increments and accumulates to result in long-term success.  

Bearing witness to repeated stories of improved grades, and students who initiate learning a new song, or take a calculated risk in exploring a new relationship is evidence of the small miracles that elevate our entire community. These personal advances achieved by the children reflect our capacity to advance ourselves and enhance society.

I am blessed to support and partake in these powerful, and frequent breakthroughs. It is these daily accomplishments that create successful lives. It is amazing to collaborate as a team with the mentors who open their hearts and minds to elevate the students to become the best version of themselves.